irwin lodge
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irwintwenty-four bedrooms and a master/honeymoon suite make the lodge ideal for groups and individuals alike. the enormous yet exceptionally cosy great room surrounds a huge open fire place that becomes the focal point for apres ski drinks and relaxation. there is a corner of this room for each and every kind of relaxation, a tv area, a reading area, even a games area with two pool tables and a football table and a music area with a huge selection of varying styles of music, from country to rock and classical. one of the most frequented areas is the bar, serving many specialized beers and every kind of liquor imaginable. the dining area provides a very pleasant experience, enhanced by the excellent standard of food served not only at dinner and breakfast but at lunch, during the midday break from skiing, as well.


the lodge is located in the heart of the raggeds wilderness area in south west colorado just twelve miles out side of the skiing mecca of crested butte and is renowned for having some of the lightest snow and biggest snowfalls in the state.

the skiing its self is out of this world. a mixture of open bowls and tree lined glades with pitches from gentle to extreme and even narrow couloirs for the experts looking for a challenge. all access to the skiing is by snowcat. this method of back country skiing has a tremendous advantage that makes it better value than heli skiing, which is that even in the middle of a snow storm the cats climb the mountain and allow skiers the ultimate experience of skiing deep powder even as it falls. with a helicopter the skiers are back at the lodge playing monopoly waiting for conditions to "improve !!??" so that the chopper can fly.

after a fabulous day skiing in the wonderful, pristine playground with good friends and expert guides, the best way to wind down and recount the days treasures to each other is in the two out door hot tubs, sipping a margarita as the stars glint in the blackest sky you will ever see.

if for any reason you wish to skip a day or afternoon of skiing there are snowmobiles available for exploring the surrounding forests and guided cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as well.

powder skiing instruction

if you have ever wanted to master the art of powder skiing this is the place to do it. what better way to learn than to have instruction from guides that spend every day of their winters skiing knee or waist deep colorado champagne in over 600 inches of snow a year!

these courses are designed for skiers that can ski parallel on piste but have never been able to link more than two or three turns together in the deep snow without falling over. the snow up at irwin is ideal for taking your first successful journey into powder, at the end of the four days you'll be skiing like you do in your dreams, floating through soft white gold with a smile on your face.

we advise you to spend a few days in crested butte before you go up to irwin so that you can get your ski legs back again and so make the most of your instruction. at the end of the four days we also recommend that you stay another couple of days in crested butte so that there is no possibility of not making your flight in the event that you are snowed in at irwin for a few hours before they clear a way out after one of their huge snowfalls.

the course includes 4 nights accommodation and 4 days snowcat skiing, three meals a day, instruction and transport to irwin lodge from crested butte and back again.

we personally recommend this course to anyone wishing to take their skiing further and into a new chapter of enjoyment.

call us for dates and pricing. if you have a group we can make the pricing even more attractive for you.


san juan ski company, durango/purgatory.


this snowcat operation is available to those of you going to purgatory and is an excellent introduction to "backcountry powder skiing" they have the largest permitted area of any snowcat operation in the US 35,000 acres. that's thousand not hundred!

the cost starts at $150.00 per person per day plus your ski pass at purgatory resort.

please e-mail or call us if you would like to know more.

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