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we know how important information is to you, no matter how good a product, service or idea is, without excellent back up in relation to images stories etc it is no good to you the media or us.

with this in mind we have many superb slides including cover shots for you to use. we are also very pleased to put you up and show you around colorado so that you can report and be a part of the first hand experiences that we are thrilled to be able to bring to european holiday makers and increasingly, more and more american citizens.

the programmes we offer, whether they be on skis, foot, horseback or mountain bike truly are exemplary. the areas that we cover are chosen for their quite exceptional beauty. many of the valleys are off the beaten track and it is rare to find other folk exploring the same terrain. this is because we have explored many of the trails available to the public ourselves and know the thrill of being "alone out there".

the possibility of seeing mountain lion, black bear, bighorn sheep, elk and other wildlife is very real. just last year we were able to bring to a small group of our clients, the unparalleled excitement of seeing a mountain lion stalking along a high ridge in the raggeds wilderness. not everybody gets to experience this but just the possibility of such an encounter is exciting in itself. we can virtually guarantee that our clients will see smaller wildlife such as marmot, chipmunks, hummingbirds and picas - guinea pig like animals with large saucer ears that inhabit the scree slopes of colorado's mountains.

all of our guides are chosen for their skills and personal qualities, not least of which is their ability to impart their knowledge of the local fauna & flora, history and other anecdotes to our guests. we have fluent german speaking guides as well.

our programmes are also designed to get the city dwellers of today's high speed societies away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and into the more "chilled" environment of the colorado backcountry. we are always pleased to see the way that our clients begin to visibly loosen up after the third day of the programme and by the time they leave us they are truly relaxed and their inner batteries are fully charged again.

our winter programmes take skiers to the best resorts in colorado and new mexico. the experience and skiing at irwin lodge the largest snowcat skiing operation in the united states is second to none and a must for any experienced or beginner powder skier. irwin lodge is in the middle of a vast wilderness area and is only accessible in the winter by snowmobile, snowcat or the incredible tracked chevrolet suburban. new this year to our programme is durango. with its proximity to the mesa verde anasazi cliff dwellings and the durango & silverton narrow gauge railroad it's a ski destination and then some. kids even get to ski and eat free at the sheraton
tamarron resort!

we look forward to talking to you,

Gordon & Angela Reeves

july in the colorado rockies (on top of Mt. Crested Butte)



Wilderness Ways was formed with the aim of letting outdoors enthusiasts
see another world. A world that few people in Europe ever come close to.

Our programmes are designed to get the most out of our clients time here in the Rocky Mountains and Canyons of the South West. We start slowly with small altitude gains on the first few days and then progress to slightly more difficult trails. As we are at such a high elevation above sea level this helps our clients to acclimatise and also to get over any Jet Lag incurred on the flight from Europe.

We have programmes that cover all of Colorado, Utah and Arizona which allow Europeans to see everything that these special states have to offer, from high alpine landscapes to desert and deep, awe inspiring canyons and arches. Taking in such sights as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Monument, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Mesa Verde, The Rocky Mountain National Park, Crested Butte ( the Wildflower Capital of Colorado ), the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the Sand Dunes National Monument. These are just a few.

We also have programmes for dedicated hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, kayaking and many other soft adventures. Our group size is never more than 12 and we have German speaking guides for our German, Austrian and Swiss clients.

We can also tailor make itineraries for groups of 8 or more and welcome individual enquiries from Travel Agents and Tour we will also feature hiking programmes in Altai on the
borders of Siberia, Mongolia and China. As beautiful as Colorado but even less populated!

In addition to summer we also have winter skiing and snowshoeing programmes. We feature such resorts as Aspen, Crested butte, Durango, Taos and Telluride. We can also combine skiing with a Grand Canyon trip. The Canyon is at it's best during the winter with fewer tourists, clear views - without the summer haze and the
possibility of snow on the rim. The snow really makes the Canyon even more
special. It is also much more comfortable to be in the South West without the high, July and August temperatures.

Gordon Reeves, the director of Wilderness Ways although British was born in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1953. His mother is Austrian from Puch in the Drau Tal. He has lived and explored in Colorado, Utah and Arizona for the last seven years after
spending his childhood and adult life in exotic locations around the world including, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and many years in Germany and Austria
particularly in the mountains of the Tirol. He has been a ski instructor, racing driver, private investigator, designer and had many other occupations until he found Colorado. After moving to Colorado he soon realised that it had the right ingredients that he was looking for;
untouched wilderness, no pollution and great International access to enable him to
show others what he had found.



why we do it

The national forests and wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains are just simply...... I was going to say out of this world but they are very much part of this world, albeit a very beautiful and ever changing one. Little things that are not seen in the managed forests of Britain, Germany, and the rest of Europe, such as the sight of fallen trees decaying where they lie, some recent casualties of avalanche or lightning strikes, still whole and sturdy, some more ancient and only discernible as a faint brown line of cellulose stretching along the forest floor, not yet claimed by the ground vegetation.

The scope and massive size of the mountains is truly "awesome". The thrill of walking or riding along a ridge looking down on creation is not an experience easily put aside. We still, every day, are amazed by our environment and want you to share this with us, even if it is just for a short one or two weeks.

The time you spend with us will recharge your inner batteries, put a smile back on your face and hopefully make your life richer for the experience.

Our guides will point out and name the myriad wildflowers found in the mountains. You'll see marmots and chipmunks every day, picas (tiny, squeaking, guinea pig-like animals living in the scree) if you have sharp eyes.

If you're lucky you'll see elk and deer and if you're really lucky you may even see some bighorn sheep and mountain goats high up above you. Wait for it! If you're really, really lucky you may see a black bear but even I had only ever seen tracks made by a mountain lion up until the autumn of 1997 when on one of our private hikes Angela and I saw a lone male high up in the Yule valley. Most large mammals have a natural aversion to human beings and smell and see us long before they are within our own, very meagre, sensory field and hide away from us.

All this and the solitude that we have in the mountains is why we wish to share this with you.




grand canyon in february


With over 26 years experience in the tourism industry, Wilderness Ways can help you to put
together the winter vacation of a lifetime. We can even arrange a Skiing trip combined with the Grand Canyon for a once in a lifetime experience.

We organise your accommodation, transfers, lift passes, ski hire, in fact everything you need while you are here in Colorado. We don't arrange your International flights but we can put you in touch with agents who will get you the lowest cost flights into Colorado. Doing it this way will save you money. Or you could even use your airmiles!

The resorts that we feature are Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride, Durango, Copper Mountain and Taos. We know each of these resorts intimately and can pass this knowledge on to you to help you have an even better time.

Subject to demand, in CB, we will try to ensure that you know your way around the "Butte" by
providing you with a guide on your first day skiing so that you, your friends and family don't lose any precious time looking for the best skiing to suit your style and expertise.

If you have a group, we can also provide you with the best prices available. Corporate packages with evening functions, on slope supervision, training and every other possibility catered for.

We also have the very best prices for Irwin Lodge, the largest Snowcat skiing operation with Lodging in th US, with some of the most incredible skiing
available. There are no lifts and all the skiing is guided and usually in untouched powder snow, unforgettable.



Please call us to talk about any ideas that you may have for stories about summer or winter activities in the four corners area.

Phone & fax: USA 970 349 2773