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heli skiing

We can arrange for you to fly to the heliskiing operation from any Colorado resort

Heli skiing in Colorado!!

Telluride Helitrax has been operating for 22 years. Their years of dedication and expertise, together with the astounding ski terrain and powder snows of southwestern Colorado's San Juan Mountains, ensure our guests a remarkable heli-skiing experience.

Helitrax is unique. In a state recognized for its excellent skiing conditions, Helitrax operates the only heliski guide service in Colorado. Additionally, they offer the smallest guest-to-guide ratio in North America, a maximum of four guests to one guide. On many occasions they ski with a three-to-one ratio. Heliskiing in small groups with an A-Star helicopter is the most intimate way to enjoy powder skiing.

Dick Pederson, a guest who skiied with Helitrax in February 2004, and who has heliskied well over one hundred thousand vertical feet with outfits in Canada, told us he preferred the Helitrax experience. "The groups are smaller and the snow is drier," he said.

Telluride is seated in The San Juans Mountains, at 40 million years of age Colorado's youngest range. The San Juans also boast the greatest concentration of 13,000 and 14,000-foot summits south of the Canadian Yukon. The scenery is steep, rugged, snow covered and consistently recognized as some of the most breathtaking in North America. In fact in 2003 Ski Magazine ranked the San Juans the most scenic mountains to ski in North America.

Perched on the edge of the desert Southwest, the San Juans Mountains draw winter storms to them. The prevailingly westerly winds carry storms across the dry desert and when they reach the 14,000 foot peaks and are forced to climb, the dynamic produces among the lightest and driest snow found anywhere.
After a storm the skies clear out quickly, a phenomenon that gives southwest Colorado its celebrated blue sky powder days.  If you have ever spent precious days of a British Columbia heli-skiing vacation waiting for the clouds to clear, you'll simply love the bluebird powder skiing common with Telluride Helitrax. 

The 20 years of dedication, knowledge of the area and training ensure our guests a safe experience, as well as a selection of the best powder skiing terrain available. As the guides lead you through some of North America's most breathtaking terrain, they will share their intimate knowledge of the San Juans' powder fields and pristine alpine bowls.

Helitrax's A-Star B-2 helicopter is operated under the direction of a dedicated helicopter provider that is responsible for the aircraft's daily maintenance and operation. We use only turbine-powered equipment, designed for high altitude performance.

Helicopter Service provided for Telluride Helitrax by Air Resources   
     Helicopters, Inc. FAA WIPA 601S

We Specialize in Custom Heliski Charters
We will arrange fixed wing charter from all major Colorado ski resorts to Telluride
Snowboarders are welcomed
Extra-Fat Powder Ski rentals are available for rent.
Avalanche hazard consultation

Operating under special use permits from Uncompahgre/San Juan National Forests and Bureau of Land Management  



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For all reservations please call us direct in Colorado on:
970 349 2773
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(001) - 970 349 2773
(after 3 pm UK time.)
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